Creating A Safe Playground Surface

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Safe Playground Equipment Guidelines

While playgrounds and other outdoor equipment offer children enjoyment and fresh air, they can also present safety hazards. Children visiting emergency rooms for playground injuries can be caused by unsafe equipment, poor surfaces, or careless behavior. These guidelines will help you ensure your children have a Safe Playground.

Every year, more than 200,000 children are treated at emergency departments for injuries resulting from playground accidents.

  • A public playground is where more than 75% of playground injuries occur.
  • The majority of playground injuries involve falls. More than half the time, the child’s head or face is injured.
  • With proper supervision and better playground equipment design, most of these injuries can be avoided.

Make the playground fun and safe by inspecting equipment for potential hazards. Also, follow these safety guidelines. 

Tree roots, stumps, rocks, and other debris should not be allowed to build a playground. It would help if you inspected your playground equipment for any sharp or dangerous objects, such as broken glass.

Safety Guidelines

It works to prevent playground injuries and provides guidelines for safe playgrounds. The NPPS states that the most important aspects in assessing the safety of any playground include its surface, design, spacing, maintenance, and equipment installation.

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