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The info leaked from an ElasticSearch server which has been abandoned exposed online without an password, Justin Paine, the security researcher who discovered that the waiter, told zimbabwe soccer .
ElasticSearch is just a mobile, high tech search engine which organizations install to increase their web programs’ data indexing and search capabilities. Such servers usually are installed on internal networks and aren’t meant to be left exposed on line, as they usually handle that a provider’s most sensitive data.

Last week, Paine came across one such ElasticSearch case that had been abandoned un secured on the web free of authentication to protect its sensitive content. From a first look, it had been clear to Paine that the server comprised data from an on the web gambling portal.

Despite being a host, the ElasticSearch instance handled a massive swathe of data that has been aggregated from multiple web domains, most likely from some type of affiliate system, or perhaps a much larger company operating multiple gaming portals.

After an investigation of the URLs seen from the host’s data, Paine and ZDNet concluded that domains were running on the web casinos where players could place bets on classic slot and cards games, but in addition other non standard gaming matches.

A few of the domains which Paine spotted from the leaky server contained, azur-casino.

After some digging around, some of the domains were owned by precisely the same provider, but others were owned by businesses located in exactly the exact same construction at an address in Limassol, Cyprus, or were operating under the same eGaming license number issued by the government of Curacao –just a little island at the Carribean– suggesting that these were likely operated by precisely the identical entity.

The user data which leaked using the ordinary ElasticSearch server comprised a lot of sensitive details, such as real names, home addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, birthdates, site user names, account balances, IP addresses, browser and OS information, continue login information, and a set of played games.